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Note: This is a former demo unit displayed at trade shows. It is in like-new condition.


Use Speedy Lab for quick analysis of  fat, proteins, lactose, density, and dry matter (SNF) in different kinds of milk, cream and whey samples. Get results in 60 seconds. Speedy Lab requires no sample preparation, homogenization or heating, consumables or chemicals. Its high flexibility and reliability makes Speedy Lab a top choice for routine dairy analyses. It is an excellent choice for small to medium daily analysis routines.

Astori Tecnica Speedy Lab

  • Fat Measurement Range & Accuracy

    0.01% to 45.00%

    ± 0.06%

    Lactose Measurement Range & Accuracy

    0.01% to 6.00

    ± 0.20%

    Protein Measurement Range & Accuracy

    2.00% to 7.00%

    ± 0.15%

    Dry Matter (SNF) Measurement Range & Accuracy

    3.00% to 40.00%

    ± 0.15%

    Density Measurement Range & Accuracy

    1,015 to 1,160 Kg/m3 

    ± 0.3 Kg/m3

    Sample Volume

    5 mL (milk and whey); 7 mL (cream)

    Working Conditions Range

    Temp: 10°C to 35°C

    RH: 30% to 80%

    Dimensions 230 x 230 x 205 mm
    Weight 8.4 lbs


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