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Calibration Services


Routine maintenance and calibration of laboratory and industrial measuring equipment and instrumentation is necessary for accurate and reliable results. We will manage a maintenance schedule for your assets and inform you of upcoming calibration dates. Our signature Precision Quality Service will assist you in meeting the specific standards of compliance your facility is required to maintain.


Documentation is critical to your business. From manufacturing to laboratory operations, we have a NIST traceable calibration report that you can count on to meet your requirements and your budget. You have made the investment in your measurement device, now let us assist you with the records and traceability. We offer standard to custom documents, detailing all service types, including routine calibrations, IQ/OQ/PQ installations and relocations, environmental mapping, and repairs.


Our ISO 17025 Accreditation represents our commitment to providing you with quality comprehensive service and reliable records. Manufacturing, Research & Deleopment, Food Science, Pharmaceutical, Environmental, Municipal, and Forensic Laboratories, have relied upon Empire Scale Corporation to track the performance of their measurement devices.

Categories of Services Offered

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